The ProtoX is one of the lowest cost Aduino shaped prototype boards available today. It supports the XINO and Amicus too. Supplied with 3 x 0.1uf ceramic capacitors and 3 x 8 pin male headers (break two off for 6 pin arduino boards) and 1 x 6 pin male header. Useful surface mount pads for SOIC, TSSOP (on back of the board) and 2 x SOT 223 or SOT 22-3.

Layout of the board – larger picture here

Kit of parts

As supplied with male headers

Alternative with through stackable headers (available separately)

Back view, click here for larger image.

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5 Responses to “ProtoX shield”

admin January 5, 2011

TSSOP pin spacing is 0.65mm

admin March 7, 2011

Fantastic rover project using a protox shield


Uno – Programmable Microcontroller
ProtoX – prototyping shield for Arduino
L293NE – Quadruple Half-H Driver 1x Remote Control car, stripped down to the chassis and 2x 3v

Dan Byrne June 12, 2011

Hey – thanks for the link to my site

The rover has come on a lot since then, added a wireless shield and an IP cam/

Found your protoboard to be excellent, and very low cost. Much better than using breadboard :-) will be buying more!

admin June 14, 2011

:) yey!, we like happy customers. The new version to come out in the next month or so will have an improved silkscreen on both sides.