• Low cost sensor networks
    Utilises an open, cost free platform, common electronics, accepted standards and the OpenKontrol framework.
  • OS & hardware independent
    Supports any micro-controller or computer that has serial ports or IP networking. Network can be carried via wireless, cable or Infra-Red data link.

Making the "real world" digital.

We enable computers to talk to the objects around us. Anything that moves or requires power can be controlled, measured or interacted with.

...........Our OpenKontrol system is revolutionary:

..................• Built from the ground up with simplicity and the user in mind.

..................• Affordable, there are no costs, except for the hardware.

..................• Can grow to serve any purpose on any scale.

..................• Supports wired and wireless standards.

Breakthrough moment

Our "everyman" project recently demonstrated aProtocol running on devices that are so inexpensive it opens the door to "automation for everyone". The design incorporates a tiny computer and a fully fledged data radio into a single chip. This chip in production quantity is $1.40 USD or £0.94p GBP.

Our CEO said "This moment will, I suspect take us from quirky to mainstream in a single stride. We can now make almost anything "networkable" for the price of a couple of cans of soda. The "internet" of objects, I think just arrived!"

Demo videos

Here are a number of video's of openkontrol prototypes. More videos are here

rgb and computer

rgb and computer

rgb and computer

rgb and computer


Commercial services

We develop for, or assist others in the design of these autonomous intelligent devices, then their implementation in real-time networks. We have worked with individuals through to multi-national companies. We believe we offer a totally different proposition to any other company or automation platform.

Licence fees

The main automation protocols such as Zigbee, KNX, ZWave, all charge for membership. Many demand compulsary testing of products before they can even be sold.

CISECO & OpenKontrol don't


Imagine if every page, company, blog or piece of information on the Internet had been vetted and paid for just to exist., then consider how big the Internet would be.

You're right TINY

The opportunity for all far outweighs the view of a few. Freedom to participate cannot exist where you have to pay to join in. OpenKontrol encourages large and small alike, it provides the power to create without immediate barriers and something unique that can grow and grow.


What have people been saying about us.

It's a bit like playing with adult Lego
- Arther Bowes, Bowes Ltd



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Feeling a little creative?

Why not build your own custom devices with our range of development hardware more .

Smart metering

Acting on customer feedback, we have decided to extend our smart metering. Our highly accurate electricity meter will be joined by Gas and Water solutions.

Thinking differently

We've borrowed this phrase from a man called Guy Kawasaki, it's the biggest core belief we have and a perfect reduction of words and thoughts into a one really big statement. It's to help us make the best decisions not the obvious ones.

Try it, think of something you regularly face and instead go round it, look over and under it, does the "thing" look the same from every angle? Often no, is there another way, approach or solution?

We look for the most beneficial, most valuable and consider profit on balance. We feel it's unrealistic for people to get excited about what you do if the bottom line is everything and profit is solely the goal.

We operate a very low cost business in financial and energy terms. We minimise travel, permanent staff costs, office space, indeed everything where we sensibly can.

We aim to laugh a little more than we did yesterday, to deliver real benefit to real people, to make a living in the process and without doing harm to the environment or individual. A dichotomy then, big but small, knowledgeable yet agile and serious about bringing smiles.

Product Philosophy

aProtocol (the network language) started life as "low cost" and easy to learn, we have transformed that recently into "no cost" and free to join in, with the release of OpenKontrol.org.

Why?... Are we mad?... We hope not!

It became clear to us a license cost regardless of the actual amount, would create a significant barrier to entry and make the products themselves inevitably more expensive. This would more likely lead to devices being created to satisfy profit potential first. This is less than favourable and in our opinion shows a strong reason why other platforms have such limited ranges of products actually developed for them.

We encourage people invent the mad, the crazy, the humanitarian and the hopeful, in conjunction with the profitable. Being a small cog in a bigger machine is not without significant benefit, a benefit we extend to all.